Travel Theme: “Melbourne, Australia”

If sitting on a milk crate in the gutter is your idea of a good time (and whose isn’t?) then Melbourne is the place for you. Breakfasters gorge poached eggs ‘guttersnipe-‘ (or street-urchin-) style, and coffee is drunk quickly before the hatch-work from the crate leaves too deep an impression on your behind. What started as an environmental effort and a means to dodge strict outdoor licensing laws has quickly become a quirky trend at the city’s best breakfast venues.

A Monday morning in Melbourne when the sun rises, bleary-eyed commuters stagger towards urban cafés, desperate for their single origin fix. ‘How do you take your coffee?’ the barista asks, coolly stroking his rosary of coffee beans. Bemused punters place their orders without any real understanding of the difference between brews, but are reassured nonetheless by the pretentious way their milk is frothed. Caffeine lovers now pay up to $12 (about £6) a cup for the latest local brews in the city’s many hot coffee spots, often prepared in glass test tubes and served black.

Don’t be alarmed if you spy what appear to be astronauts traipsing across the rooftops, they’re actually just urban beekeepers doing their very Melbourne thing. Numerous restaurants in the city now have hives to generate their own liquid gold.  While the drinking in Melbourne takes place on rooftops, the eating happens underground. Walking at street-level in the CBD (Central Business District), you’ll notice the music wafting up through pipes and peer down into a network of underground alcoves, bustling with foodies.

Meanwhile, Melbourne was the first city in the world to introduce the ‘Jafflechute’ – a toasted sandwich delivered via parachute straight into your mouth. To book this first ever float-down food delivery you simply need to pay via PayPal, select a time and stand at a given location at a set time. But, most importantly, why is a toasted sandwich called a Jaffle? Same reason a sausage is called a snag. No reason at all. 













  1. Really interesting post! 🙂


  2. Amandine

    Article super intéressant !! Sympa, merci !!
    A bientôt


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