Out Of The Blue: Kastellorizo, Greece

An afterthought on the map of Greece, the far-flung island of Kastellorizo has carved out its own identity. Timothy O’Grady fulfils a 20-year ambition to go there and discovers a wild and sophisticated spot that has inspired Pink Floyd and become an escape for an arty crew. Greek islands, in spite of a continuity of sea and landscape, language and culture, can be surprisingly distinct in character. This land is unusually barren, even for Greece, and life is concentrated in the village, so that even now, with its miniscule population, it feels oddly urban. There is an instantly captivating drama that comes from sailing into the harbour, but one that produces more a sense of endearment than the awe you feel going through the caldera of Santorini. Everything is right there in front of you: churches, tavernas and houses, dignified, inviting and so far from everything else, with nothing garish or defensive in sight. It is pretty and private and so small that from a distance you feel you could hold it in your hands.










source: cntraveller.com



  1. Pictures look beautiful. I’ve nevere heard of Kastellorizo, but it looks like a great place to explore.


  2. My French Heaven

    What a fantastic post!!! The pictures… I don’t even know what to say… Greece is one of my favorite places on earth for all sorts of reasons. You make me want to pack-up and leave right now… Incredible post my friend!!!


    • Thank you my dearest Stephane!!!
      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.
      What can i say for your “French Heaven”…? each and every one of your articles is so positive and inspiring!!! Oooo, Your blog… in my humble opinion it’s “Absolutely Fantastic”!!


  3. Such stunning photos – love them! It looks such a beautiful place.


  4. Another jewel to dream of visiting!


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